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It is our intention, at Verner Veterinary Clinic, to establish a relationship with clients that will allow us to provide a high standard of care for their animals. We encourage animal owners to become informed about the care, training, and health of all animals for whom they are responsible. We will try to provide answers for any questions asked or, if necessary, direct animal owners to a source that may have additional information.

Our facility is equipped to handle most situations that may arise and we try to respond to health care needs in a timely manner. The hospital/clinic is not staffed over night and if necessary, in critical situations, owners will be asked to transport their animals to a facility having a Doctor and staff on premises throughout the night.

The focus on veterinary care for your animal revolves around three goals: One is to improve and extend quality and quantity of life for pets. Two, is to be proactive and try to foresee potential health emergency situations, and to identify and treat appropriately before they become severe or life threatening. Three, is to minimize costs without compromising the first two objectives. To have any chance of success of reaching these goals, animals must be seen and examined thoroughly on a routine basis.

We will recommend animals in your care be seen by a veterinarian at least once a year and in many instances, particularly with older animals, examined two or more times per year. Most veterinarians realize pet owners do not have any insurance on their pets, and we anticipate monetary constraints when discussing appropriate veterinary care. The expenses of frequent examinations and periodic laboratory diagnostics are comparably cost effective to avoid crisis management and critical care expenses.

If you are bringing your animal to our clinic for the first time, please bring any medical history you have with you. If we have seen the pet on a regular basis, we will have the history readily available. We do encourage owners to jot down those things that they have concerns about so they can be discussed during the office visit.

We will certainly be concerned about any recent major change in your pet's life but also will want to know about weight fluctuations, eating habits, thirst and urination, and activity level. Some of these changes may occur slowly over an extended period of time and may indicate need for further investigation.

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